Medieval Resources

Introduction Major Political and Religious Developments of the Early Middle Ages

Donation of Constantine (Medieval Source Book--weblink) 

Image of Constantine's Donation

Medieval Atlas (weblink)

Medieval Orders Monastic Overview

Medieval Orders I: The Clergy

Ethics Reasoning Model

Medieval Orders II-IV: The Nobility, The Merchants, The Peasants

Changes in Medieval Commerce and Production

Conflict, Protest Conflict, Protest, and Catastrophe

The "Feudalism" Model

Song of Roland The Carolingian Dynasty

3 Systems of Meaning in Song of Roland

Medieval Islam Overview A Brief Chronology of Muslim History (weblink)

Brief Overview of Islam (weblink)

Poets & Storytellers The Code of Chivalry and the Cult of Love
Crusades Medieval Crusades (weblink)

Primary Sources at Medieval Source Book (weblink)

Crusades Timeline (weblink)

Medieval Political Theory Medieval Political Readings

Developments in Medieval Political Theory

Chronology of the Papal-Imperial Conflict

Medieval Education Medieval Education Overview

Medieval Science Overview

The Scientific Method: An Overview

Aquinas & Scholasticism The Ontological Argument of Anselm

A Companion to the Summa (classic introduction by Fr. Walter Farrell)

Aquinas' Five Ways (by Theodore Gracyk)

Key Ideas in Summa I.3-26 (God's Nature)

Key Ideas in Summa I-II.1-5, 6ff. (Happiness & Willing the Good)

Key Ideas in Summa I-II.26-29, 55-70 (Love & The Virtues)

Key Ideas in Summa I-II. Questions 71-77 & 90-97 (Vices & Law)

Bernard of Clairvaux Commentary of Song of Songs (webtext)

Biography (website) Biosketch for his feast day 

Dante The Great Structure of the Divine Comedy

Levels of Interpretation in Dante

Dante's Politics and the Prophecies in Hell

Dante's Allegory of Eden

Dante's Six Invocations to the Muse

Two Stories in Paradiso

The Little Flowers The Franciscan Experience (website)

The Rule of the Franciscan Order (Medieval Sourcebook)

WWFD? (What Would Francis Do?)

Franciscan Spirituality & The Stigmata


"All manner of thing shall be well/ When the tongues of flame are in-folded/ Into the crowned knot of fire/ And the fire and the rose are one." -- T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding