Francis' and Dominic's Stories of Faith

The stories of Francis and Dominic directly parallel each other in the two cantos:

Francis (Canto 11)

-- given by Thomas Aquinas, Dominican

Dominic (Canto 12)

-- given by Bonaventure, Franciscan

Location of home (43-48)

Location of home (46-54)

Praise of birth (49-54)

Praise of birth (55-57)

Youthful love opposed to father's wishes (35-60)

Prophecy of his mother (58-60)

Marriage to Lady poverty; Why she waited for him (61-72)

Marriage to Christian Faith; Her qualities (61-69)

Direct naming of the saint (73-77)

Direct naming of the saint; prophecy of his purpose (70-81)

First followers (78-84)

Founding of the order (85-93)

First mission and right to ministry (82-96)

The growth of the work (94-108)

The work of his ministry (97-105)

Final Praise: His death's manner (109-117)

Final Praise: His life's accomplishment (106-108)

Praise of Dominic (118-123)

Praise of Francis (109-112)

Condemnation of his Corrupt Followers


Condemnation of his Corrupt Followers


"All manner of thing shall be well/ When the tongues of flame are in-folded/ Into the crowned knot of fire/ And the fire and the rose are one." -- T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding