Spring 2013

Rogers Theater, Pilgrim Chapel @ 12 Noon

Date Topic Presenter(s)
February 1 "Aesthetics: A Philosophy of Art and Beauty" Dr. David Naugle
Th.D., Ph.D.
Chair and Professor of Philosophy, DBU
February 8 "The Presidents and their Hymns" Ed Spann
Ph.D., former Dean of the DBU College of Music and Fine Arts
February 15 "Confessing Historians: Do Christian Faith and Moral Reflection Belong in the University?" Panel on History:
Jack Goodyear,
Greg Kelm,
David Stricklin, Ph.D.
Mike Williams, Ph.D.
February 22 "Are Growing Asian Cities the Next Harvest Field for Global Missions?" Bob Garrett
Ph.D., DBU
March 1 "Principled Pluralism" PCS/UHP Spring Conference: Gideon Strauss
Ph.D., Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA
March 1 "7 PM Justin Brooks and the Uptown Band"
Performance space of the New Global Missions Center
Sarah Hurst
DBU Student

Justin Brooks
Church of the Incarnation Music Director
March 8 "Learning Outside the Box: Introversion, Extraversion, Social Presence, and Online Learning" Danny Rose
Ph.D., DBU
March 22 "Songs Before Schubert Really!" Wes Moore
Ph.D., DBU
April 5 "From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology, Pt. 2" John Dyer
Dallas Theological Seminary
April 12 "A Crisis of Imagination" DOXA Literary Festival:
Jeanne Murray Walker

April 19 "Visions of the Good Society: Variations on Utopia in C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy" Philip Mitchell
Ph.D., DBU
April 26 "The Socio-political Implications of Worldviews A Contrast of Soviet and Traditional Ideologues" Kevin White