12:00 noon
Rogers Theater, Pilgrim Chapel

Join us for weekly academic presentations by DBU faculty, staff, students, and guest speakers as we participate in and contribute to the "Great Conversation" from the vantage point of the "Greatest Conversation!"

The Friday Symposium is a weekly, interdisciplinary lecture series on campus sponsored by the DBU Philosophy department. It meets for one hour just about every Friday at noon at the Rogers Theater in Pilgrim Chapel. You can bring your lunch and feed both body and mind simultaneously.

The purpose of the Friday Symposium is to stimulate meaningful conversation about topics of classic and contemporary importance, and to do so from the vantage point of Christian conviction. So, plan on attending as many Symposium sessions as you can! It is a great opportunity for the entire DBU community to participate in and contribute to the "Great Conversation!"

History of the Friday Symposium

Dr. David Naugle launched the Friday Symposium in the 1995 Spring semester. Since that time, approximately 300 papers and lectures on topics spanning the disciplines have been presented by DBU faculty, staff, students, and special guest lecturers.

Purposes of the Friday Symposium

  • To provide the Friday Symposium speakers an opportunity to model the integral connection of the Biblical worldview and the academic enterprise.
  • To deepen the intellectual culture at DBU and to foster a spirit of curiosity and inquiry on campus.
  • To provide an opportunity for the DBU community to engage in meaningful conversation about topics of classic and contemporary relevance and to promote the formation of a rigorous Christian mind on all aspects of thought and life.

Noted Guest Speakers at the Friday Symposium Over the Years

David Aikman

Mark Foreman           

Esther Meek 

Vince Bacote

Bob Fu           

Ken Myers

Lilian Calles Barger Makoto Fujimura

Jim Patrick

Michael Beaty

Steve Garber 

Charlie Peacock

Kevin Belmonte

Jenny White Green

Nancy Pearcey

Jim Black

Os Guinness

Alvin Plantinga

Byron Borger Bill Hendricks John Seel
Jay Budziszewski Thomas Hibbs Luci Shaw

Scott Cairns

Arthur Holmes

Amy Sherman 

Nigel M. De S. Cameron

James Houston Jim Sire 

Kate Campbell

David Gushee

Jim Skillen

John "Chuck" Chalberg

David Lyle Jeffrey

James K. A. Smith

Daryl Charles 

Dick Keyes Gideon Strauss

Louise Cowan

Glenn Kreider

Daniel Wallace

Bill Dembski   

Mark Lanier

Michael Ward

Tim Demy

Nick Lantinga

Peggy Wehmeyer

John Dyer

Kenneth Lawrence

Chris Willerton

Bill Edgar Michael Lindsay D.H. Williams

Sam Van Eman

Roger Lundin 

Michael Wittmer

C. Stephen Evans

George Marsden

Ralph Wood

Robert Fink    

Paul Marshall

Robert E. Wood

Jon Foreman

Daryl McCarthy