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Spring 2008 - "Participating in and contributing to the
Great Conversation”

Learning Center 316 @ 12 Noon

February 1

"The Mega-Church Mistake"

Dr. David Naugle
February 8

“Stirring Us Up By Way of Reminder: Canvassing the Content of a Biblical Worldview”

Jake Rodgers

February 15

"Musing and Amusing: A Scientist as Poet and a Poet as Scientist"

Prof. Brian Thomas
February 22

“What is the Role of Profit in Business? Divergent Christian Perspectives”

A DBU Panel Discussion led by Prof. Jekabs Bekis

February 29

“The Origin of Switchfoot and the Search for Meaning” Keynote lecture, 11th Annual PCS Student Conference

Charlie Peacock
March 7
“The Forerunner of Chinese Theology: Zhao Zichen”

Dong Zeyan

March 28

“Poems, Prayers and Promises: Faith and Verse in China Today”

Annie and David Day

 April 4 

"The Christian Writer in the Age of Unbelief”

Dr. Jill Baumgartner

April 11

“From Texas Lotto Winner to Sunday School Teacher: The Robert Chody Story”
Robert Chody

  April 18

“Politicking at the Intersection of Church & State: Faith, Public Life and the 2008 Presidential Race"

Dr. Stephen Stookey
April 25
“I Want Some Freedom for My People: Academic Liberty, Baptists, and the Great Texts”
Dr. Philip Mitchell

May 2

“Destiny and Work: Are Some Lives More Significant Than Others?”

A DBU Panel Discussion led by Dr. Philip Mitchell


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