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Spring 2006 - "Participating in and Contributing to the Great Conversation”

Learning Center 316 @ 12 Noon

Feb 3
"Johnny Cash and the Greatest Commandments: Reflections on Reordered Love."
Dr. David Naugle
Feb 10
"Delving Deeper into the integration of Faith and Learning: Examples in the Applied Sciences."
Dr. David Ross
Feb 17
"What am I going to do when I grow up? Reflections of a DCM Student on a Theology of Work and Vocation."
Grace Blake
Feb 24
"Revenge of the Aesthetic: The Decline and Re-emergence of Beauty."
Dr. William Edgar
March 10
"Science or Religion? A Report on Intelligent Design."
Dr. Deanna Noyes
March 24
"I am Bound for Promised Land: The History and Heritage of Gospel Music in Texas."
Mr. Randy Wills
March 31
"Jesus is Coming - Are you Ready? Eschatology and Ethics"
Dr. Joseph Matos
April 7
"A Protestant Critique of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ."
Dr. Bob Garrett
April 21
"Capitalism, Competition, and Christianity."

Prof. Jekabs Bikis

April 28
"Christianity and the Holocaust: Lessons and Legacies Sixty Years Later."
Dr. David Gushee


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