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Spring 2004 - "Participating in and Contributing to the Great Conversation”

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January 30
Prof. Debbi Richard
February 6
Natalie Stilwell
February 13
Dr. David Naugle
February 20
Scott Shiffer
February 27
Mark Boone
March 5
Dr. Ralph C. Wood
Prof. Of English
Baylor University
March 12
"The Psychology of Small Group Learning"
Dr. Wade Hemminger
March 26
Prof. Toby Buchanan
April 2
7th Annual Paideia College Society Conf.—Keynote Speaker
“The Abolition of Man? Theological Foundations of Bioethics"

Dr. Nigel Cameron
Dean, Wilberforce Forum

April 16
Prof. Linda Stephenson
April 23
“Covenant Theology: Insights for Christian Higher Education”
Dr. Chris Nkhoma
April 30
Drs. Peggy Trammell
and Bonnie Hinkle


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