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Spring 2003

January 31
“'Shoulder to Shoulder’:
Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers
and Their Portraits of Egalitarian Marriage."
Drs. Deborah McCollister, Peggy Kulesz, and
Joanna Webb Johnson
February 7
"Can God Help You Learn Math?
Mathematics Problems and Worldview Solutions"
Prof. Stewart Tung
February 14
“Re-Thinking Ecclesiology: The Worldview-Driven Church”
(A Critique of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church)
Dr. David Naugle
February 21
"Reverence or Relevance (Worship or Entertainment):
Worship Music in the Post-modern Church"
Dr. Edward Spann
February 28
“Order out of Disappointment:
The Work of God in Augustine’s Confessions”
Tommy Brandon
March 7
“Discovering the Biblical Worldview”
Christine Hand,
Lance Higginbothom,
Jessica Wojtak
March 21
“God and Caesar: Christians and Political Engagement”
Prof. Rob Sullivan
March 28
“Self-Esteem and Total Depravity:
Are They Compatible? A Psychological Investigation”
Dr. Bob Colton
April 4
“Heaven is not my Home:
Living in the Now of God’s Creation”
Paul Marshall (Keynote Speaker, 6th Annual Pew Conference)
April 11
“Plagiarism: What’s the Big Deal?”
Prof. Peggy Martin
April 25
"Knowledge: Gift or Power?
Applications for Corporate America”
Dr. Sandra Reid
May 2
"Is It Time for Another Reformation?
34 Theses for the Contemporary American Church"
Brent Hobbs
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