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Spring 2001

February 2
“The Lordship of Jesus Christ Over the Whole of Life: An Introduction to the Thought of Abraham Kuyper”
Dr. David Naugle
February 9
“Who Wants To Be a Cartographer? The Amazing Meaning of Maps”
Prof. Greg Kelm
February 16
“The Two Shall Become One Flesh: Confronting ‘Politically Correct’ Interpretations of Paul’s ‘One Flesh’ Concept”
Dr. Aaron Son
February 23
“Piano Personalities of the Past and Present” (Roberts Bldg. 206)
Dr. Richard Baca, lecturer; assisted on piano by Leonardo Zuno
February 26
“Hot Topics, Cool Politics: Can Christians Deal Wisely with the Issues of Vouchers, Environmental Protection, and the Death Penalty?” (Special Pew College Society Lecture, Gaston Chapel, 7: 30 pm)

Dr. James Skillen, Executive Director, Center for Public Justice, Washington, D. C.

March 1
SPECIAL EVENT: Narnia Night!
Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Publication of C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia. A Reading of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (Fill My Cup Coffee House,
6: 30 pm)
Sponsored by the Pew College Society
March 2
“When Spring Comes Late: Finding Your Way Through Depression”
Pam Moore
March 9
“Abraham Lincoln on Leadership”
Dr. Blair Blackburn
March 23
Fourth Annual Pew College Society Student Conference Preliminary Address
Dr. David Naugle
March 23
First Keynote Address:
The Fourth Annual Pew College Society Annual Student Conference
(Gaston Chapel, 7:30pm)
Dr. Amy Sherman, Senior Fellow of the Welfare Policy Center of the Hudson Institute
March 30
“Graced Occasions: Sacramental Realism in the Later Fiction of Ron Hansen”
Prof. Philip Mitchell
April 6
 “Wisdom for Decision-Making”
 Dr. Denny Dowd
April 20
 “Spirituality and the Christian Student: Integrating the Heart and the Head”
 Mr. Mark Petras
April 27
 “Searching for the Sublime: C. S. Lewis’s Til We Have Faces
 Dr. Rose Johnson
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