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Fall 2005 - "Participating in and Contributing to the Great Conversation”

Learning Center 316 @ 12 Noon

Sept 9
"Disordered Love, Disordered Lives, Reordered Love, Reordered Lives."
Dr. David Naugle
Sept 16
"Fellow-Struggler Evangelism: Reaching Difficult People in a Postmodern Age."
Dr. David Strickland
Sept 23
"Gnosticism, Dualism and Freedom? Baptist Insights on Christian Higher Education."
Panel Discussion
Sep 30
"One Big Ad Campaign: How the Media Try to Separate Your Children from Your Values."
Rod Dreher
Oct 14
"Arminianism and Calvinism: Common Ground and Divergent Perspectives."
Roger Olson
Oct 21
"A Biblical Worldview: Stepping out of the Circus into the Wild and Very Good Jungle."
Leigh & Lauren Hickman
Oct 28
"The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women."
Bethany Obert
Nov 4
"Alexander Pope�s Essay on Man, Wisdom, and the Problem of Evil."
Philip Mitchell
Nov 11
"Physician-Assisted Suicide, Terri Schiavo, and the 'Culture of Life': Moral Observations."

Dr. Larry Ashlock

Nov 18
"Simple plans and Open Hands: A Vision for the Future of the Church in the Music of Billy Crockett."
Kevin Neece
Dec 2
"American Idols: The Influence of Celebrities on Values and Beliefs."
Melissa Newman


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