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Fall 2004 - "Participating in and Contributing to the Great Conversation”

Learning Center 316 @ 12 Noon

Sept 10
Dr. David Naugle
Sept 17
Dr. Mike Williams
Sept 24
Lamar Stockon
(DBU alumnus/phil major)
Oct 1
Dr. Deborah McCollister
Oct 15
Jeremy Shepherd (DBU senior/phil major)
Oct 22
Prof. Ross O'Brien
Oct 29
"Dispatches from the War Zone: Two DBU Alumni Report on their Recent Mission Experiences in Iraq"
L-Erika Wiegan & Stephen Rylander
Nov 5
Dr. Robert Webber (Formerly Wheaton College)
Nov 12
"An Introduction to the World of Book Publishing and to Spence Publishing Company”

Mr. Tom Spence

Nov 19
“Meaning and the Transforming
Power of Musical Performance: Text and Technique in Henry Purcell’s ‘Dido and Aeneas’”
Prof. Wes Moore
Dec 3
“Exemplary Leadership at Christian
Colleges and Universities”
Dr. Kerry Webb


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