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Fall 2001

September 7
"Building Christian Academies: The Rediscovery and Recovery of Classic Traditions in Christian Education"
David Naugle
September 14
"The Biblical, Theological, and Spiritual Foundations for Christian Higher Education - Christian Worldview"
Debbi Richard and David Stricklin
September 21
"Christian Liberal Arts Education"
Mike Rosato and Rose Johnson
September 28
"Paul: An Appealing and/or an Appalling Apostle?"
Todd Still
October 5
"Christianity and Culture: The Puritan Model for the University"

Deborah McCollister and Philip Mitchell

October 19
"Christian Moral Education"
Donna Shelton and Marsha Pool
October 26
"A Model of the Christian Academic Vocation"
Beverly Giltner and Bobbie Martindale
November 2
"Spiritual, Learning Communities and the Moral and Intellectual Virtues"
Carey Moore and Andrew Schaffer
November 9
"Christian Epistemology: What is Knowledge, Teaching, and Learning Really All About?"
Joe Matos and Marilyn Edwards
November 16
"Shaping the Hearts of the Young Through Stories"
Alisha Magee
November 30
"The Roots of Progressive Education in Postmodern Society: A Critical Look at Rousseau's Emile"
Christi Williams
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