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Spring 2003

“Cinematic Confabulations”

[That is, movie talk — we eat, take in a film, and go to a café for a discussion!]
Feb. 28 @ Angelika

We will ride the Dart Rail from the Westmoreland to the Mockingbird station for dinner, and then take in a film at Angelika, then to Starbucks for discussion. Meet on the parking lot between Strickland and Mahler @ 5: 30 pm, Friday night, February 28.

The original Angelika Film Center & Café opened in New York City’s Soho district in 1989. Playing an interesting mix of independent films, the Angelika became the cinema of choice for many filmmakers and film lovers. Since its opening, the Angelika has become the most successful and well known arthouse in the United States. In 1997, an Angelika Film Center & Café opened in Houston, TX and another opened in Dallas, TX in the summer of 2001.


Overnight Road Trip to “Art and Soul” Conference

@ Baylor University, March 21-22!

The DBU Pew College Society will take an overnight road trip to Baylor University for the “Art and Soul” Conference on March 21-22, 2003. We will be staying in the Victorian Inn in Waco. The PCS will pay the conference tuition; each student is responsible for lodging and food at about $30.00-40.00 per person.

The theme of the Art and Soul conference is “Mystery and Meaning in the Arts. Mystery pervades good art - whether literary, musical, theatrical, or visual. Indeed, the presence of mystery in the arts helps express the subtleties of meaning and complexities of interpretation that distinguish lasting works from the merely faddish.

Understanding the role of mystery - if not mysteries themselves - has constituted a central preoccupation of many of the world's finest thinkers, writers, and artists.
Art & Soul 2003 will include public lectures and readings, writing workshops, lecture-recitals, visual art exhibits, film screenings, and a scholarly symposium, and will feature invited guests such as: Kathleen Norris (novelist, poet), Jeremy Begbie (University of St. Andrews/Cambridge), Frederica Mathewes-Greene (author and speaker), Ralph McInerny (University of Notre Dame and noted philosopher and author of over fifty books), and Ralph Wood (Baylor University), and many others.
Don’t Miss This Profitable, Community-Building, Enjoyable, Once-in-a-DBU College Career Opportunity!!!


PCS Conference with Paul Marshall

April 4-5!
Plus DBU student papers, a concert with singer/song writer Kate Campbell,
and a concluding banquet at LaMadeleine French Bakery and Cafe

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PCS 4390 Pietas et Doctrina II: Studies in Christian Scholarship

Monday nights, 5: 15-7: 45 pm

In this class, Pew students will be reading classic and contemporary books on the subject of Christian scholarship. Beginning with Plato, we will examine the Greek concept of paideia (liberal arts education), and then move on to see how this notion was developed by Christian thinkers such as Augustine, Luther, the Puritans, Newman, Lewis and others. We will learn how the concept of Christian paideia, as well as Christian education and scholarship in general, have been affected by modernity, and how a rebirth of interest in these areas has been underway in the last several decades. This class will prepare students for graduate school and for callings as Christian professors!

Spring 2003 syllabus


Friday Symposium Lecture Series

Fridays, 12 noon, Learning Center 316

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