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Conferences on Christian Faith and Higher Education

  • Trinity Arts Conference

    "After Paradise"
    An Multidisciplinary Conference on Issues of Art, Faith and Integrity
    June 5-8 at the University of Dallas

    The 2003 Trinity Arts Conference is "After Paradise," addressing the
    particular, temporal beauty of our post-paradise/pre-paradise world...our
    brief, strange step between fall and return. As artists, we bear witness to
    the exquisite yearning, tragic fragility, and fleeting joys of our mortal
    world. "After Paradise" reminds us that we live within God's sacred

    Speakers for the 2003 conference include Alan Jacobs--professor of English at
    Wheaton College, Gregory Wolfe--writer and editor of Image Journal, Painter
    Michelle Mackey, and an extraordinary concert of singer/songwriters
    featuring Kate Campbell, Brooks Williams and Pierce Pettis.

  • Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning
    The 2003 Pruit Memorial Symposium
    "The Schooled Heart:
    Moral Formation in American Higher Education"
    Thursday, October 30—Saturday, November 1, 2003
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