Ancient Christian Resources 


Patristic Christian Timeline

Patristic Lifedates

Introduction Major Political and Religious Developments of the Early Middle Ages

Odes of Solomon (full text)

Polycarp Introduction

Discussion Questions

Ancient Christian Martyrdom

The Catacombs (outside source)

Ignatius of Antioch Introduction

Discussion Guide

Apologists Introduction
The Rule of Faith Overview

The Seven Ecumenical Church Councils (primary text source)

Monastic Movements Monastic Overview

Introduction to the Desert Fathers

Introduction to Benedict of Nursia

Rule of Benedict of Nursia

Early Christian Poets Introduction (Ephrem of Syria)

Introduction (Prudentius)

Athanasius Introduction

Discussion Guide

Egeria Introduction


The Patristic Christian Veneration of the Martyrs & Saints

Early Christian Pilgrimages (outside source)

Gregory of Nyssa Introduction

Patristic Interpretation of the Christian Scriptures

Discussion Questions and Introduction to The Life of Moses

On the Making of Man (full text)

Basil of Caeserea Introduction

Early Christian Views of Science (Discussion Guide)

On The Hexaemeron (full text)

Gregory of Nazianzus

Ancestral Piety and Christian Fidelity in the Epigrams of Gregory of Nazianzus

Epigrams from Gregory of Nazianzus

Ambrose of Milan Introduction

"Concerning Virgins" (Outline)



The Genre of Augustine's Confessions

Reading Guide

Outline Book 7

Augustine's Spiritual Journey

Augustine's Aeneid

John Chrysostom Introduction

Patristic Christian Views of Virginity, Marriage, and Sex

Gregory the Great Introduction
Maximus Confessor Introduction
John of Damascus Introduction

Early Christian Theology and the Iconoclastic Controversy

Discussion Guide

"Byzantium, Iconoclasm, and the Monks" (Alexander Schmemann --optional)

Boethius Introduction

Overview & Discussion


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