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Search Basics
To find a specific page within the DBU website, enter several descriptive words and hit the "Enter" key, or click on "Google Search of DBU". If the search returns too many results, simply enter more words to the current search terms. If your search returns inaccurate results or too few pages, reduce the number of words.

Keyword Choices
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • Searches may be ordered differently depending on what order your keywords are typed.
  • Searches automatically return pages that contain all of your search terms.
  • You should make sure that the keywords you choose are as relevant and specific as possible. "MBA" will return more specific results than "graduate studies".



Did you know?

The DBU web site receives an average of nearly 6,000 visitors every day.

There are approximately 3,000 web pages on the DBU web site.



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