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Spring 2010

Rogers Theater, Pilgrim Chapel @ 12 Noon

January 29

"Jesus the Tekton (i.e., Carpenter)"

Dr. David Naugle
February 5

"The Scientific /Evolutionary Arguement Against Naturalism and Science are Incompatible

Dr. Alvin Plantinga, University of
Notre Dame

February 12

"Christianity Contemporary Art and Film"

Dr. Larry Williams, The John Newport Foundation
February 19
Out of the Mouths of Boys and Girls: What we Can Learn from Children and their Conversion Stories
Dr. Tommy Sanders`
February 26
"We Are What We Worship: Or, Why Being Human Takes Practice"
Dr. James K.A. Smith
March 5
"President Lincoln's T-mails (the Telegraph): Electronic Lessons Learned from our 16th President

Prof. Danny Rose

March 19

"Legend and History Have Met and Fused: Tolkien's Answer to Darwin"

Dr. Philip Mitchell

March 26

"How Poems Be: The Poetic as Contemplative Practice"

Dr. Scott Cairns, University of Missouri

April 9

"So Much Cooler Online' - Is that the Real YOU on Facebook?"
Panel Discussion with
Jonathan Cooper, Greg Hollabaugh,
Beverly Powell, Renea McKenzie

April 16

"Jesus in Bejing: The Rise of Christianity in China"

Dr. David Aikman, Washington D.C.

April 23

"Promise and Deception - Two Insiders' Experiences of Living within cuba's Totalitarian State"
Prof. Juan Baldor and DBU student Yanely Mesa
April 30
'Jesus Made Me Do It' - or - 'A Woman's Guide on How to Avoid Being Burned at a Stake"
Prof. Rebecca Dark


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