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Spring 2009 - "Participating in and contributing to the
Great Conversation”

Learning Center 316 @ 12 Noon

January 30

"A Christian Perspetive: So What?"

Dr. Nick Lantinga
Febuary 6

"Humble Organizations"

Prof. Ross O'Brien

Feburary 13

"Reading, Writing and Re-Integration:
What's a Christian University For?"

Dr. David Naugle
Febuary 20

"In Praise of Baptist Colleges"

Dr. Michael Beaty
Febuary 27

"Heaven is a Place on Earth:
Why Everything You Do Matters to God"

Dr. Michael Wittmer
March 6
"The Aftermath of Sexual Assault:
Helping Victims and Families Heal from Rape

Dr. David Gushee

March 20

"Planet Narnia"

Dr. Michael Ward

March 27

"Teaching the Lord of the Rings:
Why Tolkien is More than a Good Movie"

Dr. Philip Mitchell

April 3

"Writing Toward Grace and Beauty: A Proces of Faith"
Dr. Robert A. Fink

April 17

"Until DIVORCE Do We Part"

DBU Panel Discussion
April 24
"Detective Fiction, the Trinity, and the Creative Reader"
Dr. Chris Willerton
May 1
"Preserving the Word of God: The Work of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts"
Dr. Daniel Wallace


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