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Spring 2005 - "Participating in and Contributing to the Great Conversation”

Learning Center 316 @ 12 Noon

January 21

“Worldview, Worship, and Way of Life”

Dr. David Naugle
February 4

“Culture Shock: Disciplines for Keeping the World on Our Minds and Out of Our Lives”

 Dr. John Seel

February 11

“The Effects of Technology on Christianity: Blessing or Curse?”

Dr. Dale Sim
February 18

“Creation, Fall, Redemption: Helping College Students Develop a Christian Worldview”

Brooke Butler & Crystal Simpson
February 25
Dr. Jeremy Dutschke
March 18

Dr. Terry Fansler

April 1

“The Call – Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life”

Dr. Os Guinness

April 8 

Puzzles and Paradoxes: Contemporary Questions about Truth and Reality

Chad Kidd

April 15

"Leadership Styles of Effective College and University Presidents"
Dr. Kerry Webb

April 22

“Shakespeare and Elizabethan Queen Mothers”

Dr. Mary Stripling

April 29

“Rethinking Homiletics: The Missionary Nature of NT Preaching”

Dr. Bob Garrett


Home Symposium Schedule Archive