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Fall 2002

September 13
“What Does It Really Mean to Know Something? The Contribution of Michael Polanyi to Science and Education”
Dr. David Naugle
September 20
“There is a God and You are not It! A Paideia Paradigm in Business Education”
Dr. Dave Arnott
September 27
"Texas Baptists and School Desegregation: The Brown Decision, 1954-1956"
Prof. Blake Killingsworth
October 4
“Reflections on Excellence: Comparing Musical Education at Juilliard and at Dallas Baptist University”
Dr. Richard Baca
October 18
“Can God Help You Learn Math? Worldviews and Mathematical Problems”

Dr. Stewart Tung

October 25
“Telling Stories/Telling Truth: Art and Christianity”
Singer/songwriter Kate Campell
in concert, 8:00pm, BSM
November 1
“How People Change in Counseling: Comparing Approaches from Biblical and Non-Biblical Worldviews”
Dr. Mary Becerril
November 8
“Roads to Faith: Reading and Writing in Annie Dillard's and Frederick Buechner's Memoirs”
Dr. Rose Johnson
November 15
“The Marks of an Excellent Professor: Insights from the Works of Parker Palmer”"
Prof. Bob Burgin
November 22
"Friend or Foe? Teaching Science at DBU"
Dr. Tom Bush
December 6
"The Integration of Liberal Arts and Professional Education: A Nineteenth-Century Model"
Dr. Mike Williams
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