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 A Bachelor of Science in Macrobiology from Dallas Baptist University prepares students desiring to pursue graduate work in natural sciences, medicine, or employment in entry-level positions in biotechnology or applied science. Pursuit of a macrobiology major will provide students with the fundamental concepts associated with the various phyla and research that involves the individual organism, the niche of the various organisms, and the genetic identity of the organisms.

Mission Statement

The biology program at Dallas Baptist University is designed to produce knowledgeable individuals who have an understanding of the basic biological tenets of God's creation. The academic information is presented in a Christian context to enhance the students' ability to become responsible, caring citizens in society.


Goals of the Macrobiology Major

A macrobiology major seeks to meet the following goals:

  • To understand underlying principles of the cell and how they apply to the increasing complexity of the organism through tissues to the total organism.
  • To produce a graduate who understands the mechanisms of the ecosystem and the role that the organism plays within that balance.
  • To produce a graduate who understands the current research involving various organisms and can actively participate in the research process as they develop a high level of critical thinking.
  • The end product will be students interested in pursuing medicine, graduate work, or employment in the scientific arena, who are well prepared to handle the intellectual requirements of their chosen field.
  • To enable students to make wise, ethical, and moral decisions concerning issues that affect humans and their environment.


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