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The sociology major equips students for entry-level positions in the field of human services, for example: child and family services, social work, and Christian ministry where a background in sociology is either required or enhances the individual's qualifications for employment. Courses in sociology emphasize the dynamics of contemporary social life as these impact individuals, families, and society at-large in a culturally diverse and global environment. Students apply written and verbal communication skills, as well as research methods in problem solving, within a social science context.

In the development of the sociology program, the focus has been to enable the student to understand and predict human behavior and social phenomena within the context of a Christian worldview.


Goals of the Sociology Major

  • Students will demonstrate a basic understanding and global perspective of human interaction, social group relationships, and societal systems based on sociological research and literature.
  • Students will be able to think with a sociological imagination, having enhanced awareness of other cultural and socioeconomic perspectives.
  • Students will be prepared for entry-level positions in careers related to the field of sociology and/or for graduate work in their respective callings.
  • Students will incorporate a Christian worldview and demonstrate servant leadership through involvement in internships and service- learning projects.



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