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In accordance with the DBU mission statement, the undergraduate psychology discipline seeks to provide Christ-centered quality higher education in the field of psychology and to encourage students to integrate the subject matter of psychology with the teachings of Christianity.

A major in psychology provides the student with an overview of the field of psychology and an in-depth study of selected areas and subjects in this multi-faceted discipline. The psychology curriculum features courses in both counseling and in more technical or research-oriented subjects. While the integration of psychology and Christianity is a vital concern in each class, a whole course also is devoted to this issue. Graduates with a major in psychology are equipped for entry-level positions in business, education, industry, the mental health field, and other areas where a psychology background is either required or enhances the individual's qualifications for employment. They also are prepared for graduate work in psychology or counseling which can lead to professional careers in those fields.

Goals of the Psychology Major

  • Students will have an in-depth  understanding of the nature and functioning of the human being from the viewpoint of psychological research and literature.
  • Students will have an understanding of psychology and its application to addressing problems and improving the human situation.
  • Students will be able to integrate the principles of psychology with those of Christianity.
  • Students will be prepared for entry-level positions in careers related to the field of psychology and/or for graduate work in the fields of psychology and counseling.


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