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Graduate Course Descriptions

READ 5312   (3-3-0)   Reading Specialist Practicum (S-L)

This practicum is designed to provide field experiences as a Reading Specialist in K-12 school settings. The intern is assigned to an appropriate site supervisor in an approved elementary or secondary school. The field experience is under the supervision of a university professor and requires monthly seminar meetings at the university. The intern is given experience in developing and applying proficiencies in the Reading Specialist domains of instruction and assessment of the components of literacy with appropriate resources and procedures, meeting the needs of individual students, and professional knowledge and leadership in this field. Specific activities and assignments ensure that the intern obtains practical experience toward developing these proficiencies, determined collaboratively by the student, the university professor, and the site supervisor. The practicum application must be submitted one semester prior to the semester of enrollment.  This course contains a field-based service-learning component.

  • Offered: Fall, Spring.
  • Prerequisite: READ 6330, READ 6301, READ 6334, READ 5332 OR READ 5334, READ 5331 OR ESLS 5306.

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