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Graduate Course Descriptions

COUN 6319   (3-3-0)   Counseling Internship II (S-L)

This course involves supervised delivery of direct counseling services at an approved agency or practice. Students are evaluated on a wide range of personal and professional criteria which includes analysis of taped counseling sessions and seminar discussions of counseling theories, methods, and techniques. During the Counseling Internship experience, 120 of the 300 clock hours required must be direct client counseling hours which includes leading or co-leading a psychoeducation or therapeutic group. A minimum grade of B must be earned in order to progress to the internship course.   This course contains a field-based service-learning component.

  • Offered: Fall, Spring.
  • Prerequisite: Must be taken at the end of the MAPC program, after COUN 6318 Counseling Internship I.

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