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PHYS 1401   (4-3-3)   General Physics I

Introductory study of the principles and application of mechanics, wave motion, and sound, with emphasis on fundamental concepts and problem solving. Lab fee. Fall.
Prerequisite: eMAT Advising Tool (advanced Algebra),MATH 1303 and 1304 or 1405.

PHYS 1402   (4-3-3)   General Physics II

Continuation of PHYS 1401, completing the survey of physics. Emphasis includes electricity, magnetism, optics, atomic structure, and nuclear physics. Lab fee. Spring.
Prerequisite: PHYS 1401.

PHYS 3301   (3-3-0)   Classical Mechanics

Kinematics and dynamics of classical systems. Topics will be chosen from among kinematics, dynamics, oscillations, gravitation, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics, non-inertial reference frames, rigid bodies, coupled oscillations, and special relativity. Periodically.
Prerequisite: PHYS 1402 and MATH 1406.

PHYS 3303   (3-3-0)   Modern Physics

Introduction to the study of atomic and nuclear structure of matter, electronic structure of the atom, and nuclear structure and wave nature of matter. Offered periodically.
Prerequisite: PHYS 1402.

PHYS 3304   (3-3-0)   Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Introduction to classical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Topics will be chosen from among the laws of thermodynamics and their applications and implications, the kinetic theory of gases, the ideal gas law, statistical mechanics, and information theory. Periodically.
Prerequisite: PHYS 1402 and MATH 1406.

PHYS 3402   (4-4-0)   Electrodynamics

Electricity and magnetism. This course uses the formalism of vector analysis to develop theory and solve problems from among electrostatics, magentostatics, electrodynamics, radiation, and special relativity. Periodically.
Prerequisite: PHYS 1402 and MATH 1406.

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