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MUSI 2023A    (0-0-0)   Piano Proficiency Level III

The student will enroll in this course number concurrently with Applied Piano (MUSI 1120, 1220, 2120, or 2220) while attempting to pass Piano Proficiency Level III. MUSI 2023A serves as transcript verification for mastery of the following keyboard skills: major and minor pentascales, specific major and minor chord progressions, major scales, harmonic minor scales, transposition and harmonization of a simple melody, improvisation of accompaniment for a simple melody, and sight reading from a prescribed Level III Hymn List. The student must also perform two memorized repertoire pieces in contrasting styles. One piece must be a movement from a sonatina. The student will perform for a faculty jury. The average of the jury grades must be 70% or higher to constitute completion of the level. A deficiency in any skill area may result in an average below 70%. A jury average below 70% does not constitute completion of the level; therefore the student will receive a grade of NC (No Credit). A jury average of 70% or higher constitutes successful completion of the level and the student will receive a semester grade of CR (Credit). The student must enroll in MUSI 2023A until the level is completed successfully. Fall, Spring, Long Summer.
Prerequisite: Approval of Program Director of Keyboard Division.

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