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MISM 1302   (3-2-2)   Ethical and Human Side of Information Technology

This course is designed to examine and analyze the tremendous impact of technology on individuals, organizations and global societies, including the ethical issues in the use of information technology in the modern business world, as well as legal and social issues. Ethics for IT professionals and IT users will be considered relating to such issues as computer and Internet crime, privacy, intellectual property, software development, employer/employee issues, and freedom of expression. Additionally, the class will examine the human dimensions of technology and the impact that technology and globalization is having on individuals and the workplace and the implications this has for managing, and leading organizations. Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: None.

MISM 2311   (3-2-2)   Introduction to Business Software Development

This course provides an introduction to software engineering, programming, algorithms, and problem-solving techniques for use in business applications using a high-level OOP language. Emphasis will be on logical design, algorithm development and "best practices" for software engineering. Topics will include essential language syntax, basic structures and effective user interface design. Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 1302.

MISM 3301   (3-3-0)   Information Systems for Management

This case-oriented course provides an overview of information technology and information systems topics from an organizational and managerial perspective. Topics include current information technology types and trends, such as the Internet and its organizational impact; the relationship of technology to organizational strategy, structure, controls, resources, and security; and the ethical and social impacts of information systems, such as privacy, intellectual property rights, accountability and quality of life. Emphasis will be placed on the user's role in developing information systems, ethical and management challenges and the uses of IT to create competitive advantages for an organization and for decision-making. Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: FINA 3301 is strongly recommended.

MISM 3306   (3-2-2)   Business Telecommunications and Networking

This course examines the issues involved in the use, construction, and management of local and global data communication networks in a business environment. Topics include basic terminology, networking fundamentals, ethics, team collaboration, organizational communication, the basics of local area networks and wide area networks including networking, components of voice systems, using the Internet and Intranet clients, servers, and languages to support electronic commerce. An overview of telecommunications legal issues, security and network management issues will be emphasized. Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 1302 and MISM 3301. PHSC 1402 is strongly recommended as a prior natural science general studies requirement.

MISM 3310   (3-3-0)   Information Systems Analysis and Design (S-L)

This course examines the analysis of an existing information system and the modification of that system or the design of a new system. The various tools, techniques, and models used by systems analysts are explored. Emphasis is on successful IS development and the role of the IS professional to effectively interact and communicate with global management, the IS department, clients, users and peers both verbally and in writing. This course contains a field-based service-learning component. Fall, Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 2311 and 3301.

MISM 3320   (3-3-0)   Web Page and Database Design

This course focuses on effective web page planning, basic design, organization, layout and construction, and setup and maintenance of a Web site. The course places a heavy emphasis on Web site usability issues and security. Students will explore the languages and tools used in the ever changing world of Internet and World Wide Web Programming. This course examines the architecture of Web systems, the attributes of a good Web site, and tools for Web site enhancement. Additionally, this course provides students with the theory and techniques used to design a database and a Web page interface for that database. Elements of database design, concepts of data normalization, interface design, and security will be discussed. The concepts will be reinforced through the design of a database and a Web page interface for that database, as commonly used in a global business context. Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 1302, 2311, 3310 (S-L).

MISM 4300   (3-3-0)   IT Security and Forensics

The first part of this course will emphasize the IT professional’s need to understand, apply, and manage information assurance and security “best practices” in computing, communication, and organizational systems. The importance for the IT professional to educate users to be sufficiently security aware is stressed in the course. The second part will concentrate on the theory of IT investigative forensics. The course will cover such topics as how to identify, develop, and implement security policies and procedures for an information system and its physical environment (i.e. network interface), IT security management, risk assessment, legal issues, crime investigation, and financial considerations. This course covers proactive practices including Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning in order to maintain information integrity. Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 1302, 3301, 3306, 3310 (S-L) and Senior status.

MISM 4330   (3-3-0)   Strategic IT Planning and Project Management (S-L)

This course focuses on the use of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) in the strategic management process in business organizations. Emphasis is on the strategic view of IS and IT and their impact on an organizational strategy that utilizes computers as a competitive tool. Students will examine the managerial, operational, and strategic implications of information and communication technology in the global context. There will be emphasis upon communication skills, creative thinking, a demonstration of the understanding of best practices and standards and their application, and problem-solving and professional responsibilities from a leadership perspective. Course curriculum includes the discussion of information systems project assessment in organizations. This course contains a field-based service-learning component. Fall, Spring, Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 1302, 3301, 3306, 3310 (S-L) and Senior status.

MISM 4332   (3-3-0)   Internship in Management Information Systems

Students will work a minimum of 120 hours in an internship and will apply and add to the knowledge developed in the classroom. Fall, Spring, Summer.
Prerequisite: Management Information Systems major, minimum 60 hours, minimum 3.0 GPA.

MISM 4340   (3-3-0)   Current IT Trends and Emerging Technologies

This course is designed to identify and evaluate significant current trends, research, emerging technologies and events in the global environment of information technology and information systems. The course will address the constantly changing nature of information technology and its implementation in business and industry and emphasize the need for continued lifelong learning. Ethics, strategic use of technologies, and case studies of successful implementation of new technologies will be discussed. Online.
Prerequisite: MISM 1302, 3301, 3306, 3310 (S-L) and Senior status.

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