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TO: All Faculty and Staff

FROM: J. Blair Blackburn Senior Vice President for Administrative Affairs


As we approach the winter months, I want you to have a copy of DBU's Inclement Weather Policy. Please read this information carefully and keep it on file for future reference.


1. In most cases, if the Dallas Independent School District is closed, DBU will be closed for all morning, afternoon, and evening classes, both on and off campus. However, if the roads are safe and the DISD schools close due to fuel curtailment only, DBU may be able to hold classes.

2. At times DBU may need to close when weather conditions in the area are more severe, even if the DISD does not close.

3. Generally, DBU offices will be closed when classes are closed. However, when road conditions are safe, employees are encouraged to come to work. Each employee will need to use their best judgement concerning safety of road conditions and contact their office supervisor if unable to be at work by 10:00 a.m.

4. If inclement weather becomes an issue during the day, DBU offices will be contacted by EMAIL and by telephone as needed. Television and radio stations will also be contacted. If you are off-campus during the day, please contact your office/department rather than the DBU switchboard.

5. Administration will contact most television and radio stations in the metroplex concerning school closing due to inclement weather. Radio station KRLD 1080 AM and television station WFAA channel 8 will be contacted first. You may also call 214-333-7ICE (7423) for current DBU closing information.

6. Specific make-up days have been scheduled for each winter mini-term. Since one day is 20% of a mini-term, a missed day must be made up. Please refer to the Winter/Spring Schedule of Classes, page 10 for the specific make-up day for each mini-term. If a day is missed during the Short or Long Winter Terms, a make up day will be left up to the professor. It is not mandatory that Short or Long Winter Term classes be made up (there are scheduled make-up days for these two terms if the professor chooses to use them). Professors must address make-up days in the course syllabus and must contact Lou Esparza to schedule the use of a classroom for each make-up day.


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