Degrees and Majors.

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
     - Art
     - Christian Ministries
     - Communication
     - Computer Information Science
     - Criminal Justice
- Health Care Management

     - Interdisciplinary Studies
     - Psychology
     - Sociology

Bachelor of Business Studies
     - Accounting
     - Business Administration
     - Finance

     - Hotel and Hospitality Management
     - Management
     - Management Information Systems
     - Marketing



of Arts
     - Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Science
     - Interdisciplinary Studies

Accelerated Bachelor and Master's Degrees

  - BBS Business Administration/MBA

  - BBS Management/MBA Management

  - BAS Christian Ministries/MA Children's Ministry

  - BAS Christian Ministries/MA Christian Ministry


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DBU offers individual classes and fully accredited degree programs via the Internet. Using the latest technologies, students and faculty converse through discussion threads,
e-mails, and group chat rooms to make our online classes dynamic and interactive.

Discover our extensive selection of individual online courses, and review our "start to finish" online degree programs. If you have the organizational skills and the self-discipline, our online courses are for you!  More...






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