Frequently Asked Questions.

What Professional Studies degrees are available?

The Professional Studies program at DBU leads to one of four baccalaureate degrees — Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BAS), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Bachelor of Science (BS). The Portfolio Degree Program allows students to earn up to 30 hours of credit for knowledge gained through life and work experience.

How will I decide on my major?
DBU's College of Professional Studies offers 18 different majors. Many students choose to major in the area of their expertise (e.g., a police officer would major in criminal justice or a business personnel director would major in business administration); however, some major in a completely different field of study. The interdisciplinary studies major offers additional flexibility, allowing you to study in two concentrations, one of which is your area of expertise.

How many transfer hours will DBU accept from other colleges?
DBU will initially accept an unlimited number of hours in transfer from regionally accredited four-year institutions and up to 66 hours from regionally accredited two-year colleges. All classes must carry a grade of "C" or higher and be college level. Selected hours from nonaccredited institutions or training programs may also be accepted as credit. Check with a College of Professional Studies academic counselor for more information. More...

What is the difference between my major and the academic programs?
DBU offers two ways for you to step back into the college flow and achieve your desired academic
degree - the Portfolio Degree Program or the Inverted Degree Program. For the mature adult who has previous credit hours, college-level learning achieved through life and work experiences, and has been away from the college pace for a few years, these academic programs get you started on the right foot. What's more, PRST 3301: Lifelong Learning lays the foundation for the Professional Studies program as it explores major value systems or world views; studies current issues in the philosophy of Christian higher education; introduces servant leadership and critical thinking; and seeks to develop various academic skills. No doubt about it, DBU's academic programs get you on track toward achieving your planned degree.

What is the Portfolio Degree Program?
At DBU we give you the opportunity to gain up to 30 credit hours for college-level learning you've achieved through life and work experiences. If you have four years of significant work experience and are 25 or older, the Portfolio Degree Program can help you advance toward your academic degree. The formal portfolio class takes you through the process of developing a comprehensive written academic portfolio that describes in detail the college-level learning and competencies you achieved experientially. Your completed portfolio will include a full student profile section, individual course petitions (requests to the University to grant college credit for specific courses), and documentation demonstrating your competencies.

Will I be charged tuition for the credits I receive through the Portfolio Degree Program?
You are not charged tuition for the hours that are earned through the portfolio process. You merely pay for the portfolio course itself, a one-time portfolio evaluation fee, and a small transcription fee.

How long will it take me to finish my degree at DBU?
At DBU it's up to you! While you might typically take six or nine credit hours during a traditional semester (Fall, Spring, Summer), our condensed semester options enable you to schedule classes in a concurrent, overlapping, or linear fashion throughout the year. Talk with your academic counselor to determine the pace that's right for you.

Since I live far from DBU and often travel for my company, what are the alternatives to taking classes at DBU's main campus?
DBU has two regional academic centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area - DBU Hurst-Colleyville and DBU North in Plano - that offer student services and a wide variety of courses leading to bachelor's and master's degrees. DBU also offers online courses. You can complete a bachelor's degree in several majors entirely over the Internet. Other alternatives to classroom time are CLEP tests and departmental examinations.

When and where can I go to get information?
DBU makes it easy for you to attend information sessions, schedule meetings with academic counselors, or complete registration at DBU North or DBU Hurst-Colleyville.







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