You Can Do It.

Going back to school is a challenge. You may already be thinking about
how to juggle life demands — career, family time, academic studies, community and church involvement, and other obligations.

What's more, you may struggle with this common emotional question: Can I do it after so many years?

At DBU, we believe you can — and we're
here to help you every step of the way. Our counselors, faculty, and staff are ready to walk you through each academic decision and listen to your personal concerns. We'll help you customize a degree program and a semester schedule that fits your life. We're ready to ensure you find the
quality, flexibility, and balance you need.

Can you do it? Yes, you can. With DBU, you're almost there!


How can I
know that
I'm making
the right
academic and
life choices?

Making an educational commitment is a major life challenge. At DBU we understand how overwhelming it can be and are ready to help you work through your questions and concerns.

Our professional staff is dedicated and attentive, ready to give you the personal counsel and encouragement you need to understand your choices and select the options that are right for you.






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