Making Experience Count.

At DBU we give you the opportunity to gain up to 30 credit hours
for college-level learning you've achieved through life and work experiences. If you have four years of significant work experience and are 25 or older, the Portfolio Degree Program can be the starting point for your academic degree.

The formal portfolio class takes you through the process of developing a comprehensive written academic portfolio that describes in detail the college-level learning and competencies you achieved experientially. Your completed portfolio will include a full student profile section, individual course petitions (requests to the University to grant college credit for specific courses), and documentation demonstrating your competency.

Is it demanding? Yes — and rewarding, too. The DBU Portfolio Degree Program is a great way to accelerate your academic pace by gaining credit hours for what you've learned through your work and life experiences.


How long will it take me to finish my degree?

At DBU it's up to you!

While you might typically
take six or nine credit hours during a traditional semester (Fall, Spring, Summer), our condensed semester options enable you to schedule classes in a concurrent, overlapping,
or linear fashion throughout the year.

Talk with your academic advisor to determine the
pace that's right for you.






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