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Time and Location Options
Because we offer a variety of semester, time-of-day, and location options, you can balance your schedule and time commitments with ease.

Pacing of Courses
With so many term options from which to choose, you have the opportunity to set a pace you can maintain — and change it, when needed, to accommodate your schedule.

Personal Enrichment
The educational process is about life enrichment as
well as degree goals. Our teaching style and course offerings can help you achieve personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.

Education vs. Work
Juggling work and school is a challenge for most adult students. At DBU we help you find the right balance through our flexible scheduling options.

Individual Support
Our academic counselors are trained to give you on-the-spot assistance and guide you through the academic, admissions, and enrollment processes.

Balancing Commitments
Because we understand that adult students balance overlapping obligations, we help you design a program that simplifies your schedule.

Spiritual Focus
We help you achieve meaningful success by providing a strong spiritual foundation on which to balance your career goals.




It's important to achieve a sense of balance in life.

When adults return to school, balance can seem an elusive goal. The excitement of realizing an academic dream can be dampened by worries about coping with work, family, and classroom demands.

At DBU we understand these two realities and are ready to help you create a plan of achievement that's right for you. You'll find a caring spirit in our counselors and
faculty and a willingness
to shepherd you through the college experience.

Going back to school is an exciting time, and the opportunity to learn and grow is personally fulfilling. We're committed to helping you achieve the academic balance you need to reach your goals.







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