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Classroom Tool
The Classroom Tool has five options listed: Course Map, Whiteboard, Group Browser, Ask Question, and Question Inbox.

**NOTE: Your professor may choose to disable some or all of the Classroom Tool options. You will see the following message if an option is disabled: "You do not have permission to use this tool."

  The Course Map allows you to display different parts of your course while in the Virtual Classroom. When you click on Course Map, a navigational tree will appear that shows the Course Information, Faculty Information, Course Material, and Web Sites areas of your course. Once you have found the specific page you want to display, you may use the pull-down menu located beneath the navigational tree to either display that page to the entire class, preview that page on your own screen in a new window, or you can refresh the navigational tree.


The Whiteboard function allows you to draw pictures and/or diagrams for the other students, much like you would use the dry-erase board in a classroom. Use the tools menu to draw in the Display section to the right of the Classroom Tool.


The Group Browser functions lets you access web sites and display them for the entire class. When you click on Group Browser, a blank address bar will appear. You may type the web address in the blank and, using the pull-down menu, you can display that site to the entire class or preview it on your own screen.


The Ask Question function lets you send a question to a specific person in your course who is currently participating in the Lecture Hall. Click on Ask Question, then type your question in the blank provided. Underneath the message blank, you will see the Participants section of the Lecture Hall and the name of everyone currently participating in the Lecture Hall. Click on the name of the person you want to send your question to, then click the Send button at the lower right-hand corner of the question blank. This will send your question to that person.

The Question Inbox works hand in hand with the Ask Question feature, as it is where you will receive questions from other participants in the Lecture Hall. The number in parenthesis next to the Question Inbox will tell you how many questions have been sent to you. When you click on the Question Inbox, you will see the name of each person who has sent you a question. Click on the name to bring up that person's question to you. You will then see the question in the blank below.


The Display section of the Lecture Hall is the large, white area that is found to the right of the Classroom Tool section. It is the largest section of the Lecture Hall. This is the place where you draw pictures and diagrams using the Whiteboard function, and any pages you display for the entire class using the Course Map and/or Group Browser functions will be shown here. When displaying Course Map or Group Browser pages, the Display section acts as a simple frame with no navigational or editing capabilities. When using the Whiteboard function, however, a limited editing menu appears at the top of the Display section to allow greater use of the Whiteboard function. The screen shot below shows the Display section as it appears when it is used as the Whiteboard.



The Participants section simply displays which users are currently participating in the Lecture Hall. When you click on the name of a particular participant, you will see two buttons below the list of names. The first button is the User Info button. When you click this button, a new window will pop up showing you more information about that person. The second button is the Private Message button. You can click this button to send a private message to that person.


The Chat section is where most of the interaction in the Lecture Hall will take place. This section functions as an instant message system, allowing real-time interaction between participants. There are two basic components of the Chat section. The first component is the chat display. This white, rectangular box will record all dialog between participants, show when participants join and leave the chat session, and show the URL of any Course Map or Group Browser page that is displayed to the entire class. The second component of the Chat section is the Compose blank. This blank is where you will type your messages when you chat with other participants. Simply click the mouse in the blank one time, type your message, and hit Enter on the keyboard to send the message. You will immediately see your message in the chat display box directly above the Compose blank.




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