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ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCT 2302 Principles of Managerial Accounting
ART 2318 Basic Digital Design
ART 3314 Photography II
ART 3317 Contemporary Advertising
ART 4319 Modern Art
ART 4353 Fine Arts in East Asia
ART 4380  The Arts and the Creative Process
BIOL 1401 Principles of Biology
CHST 3301 Survey of Christian Education
CHST 3309 Spiritual Formation for Christian Min
CHST 3372 Church Administration
CHST 4301 Teaching Ministry of the Church
CHST 4302 Practicum in Christian Studies
CHST 4306 Children's Ministry in the Church
CHST 4307 Youth Ministry in the Church
CHST 4312 Biblical Servant Leadership
COMA 1302 Speech and Interpersonal Comm
COMA 2302 Voice and Articulation
COMA 2318 Basic Digital Design
COMA 3301 Nonverbal Communication
COMA 3303 Small Group Communication
COMA 3304 Writing Across Media
COMA 3308 Persuasive Communication
COMA 3314 Photography II
COMA 3317 Contemporary Advertising
COMA 3350 Social Media
COMA 4302 Introduction to Linguistics
COMA 4310 Internship in Communication
COMA 4319 Comm Styles: Key to Bus Success
COMA 4320 Technology in Communication
COMA 4322 Leadership Communication
COMA 4325 Comm in the Digital Age
COMA 4339 Graphic Design Internship
COMA 4380 The Arts and the Creative Process
CRJS 1301 Crime in America
CRJS 1302 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJS 2304 Fundamentals of Criminal Law
CRJS 2305 The Courts & Criminal Procedure
CRJS 3302 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJS 3305 Constitutional Law
CRJS 4301 Ethics in Law Enforcement
CRJS 4303 Organization and Administration
CRJS 4307 Criminology
CRJS 4309 Economic Crimes
CRJS 4312 Research Methods
CRJS 4315 Homeland & Organizational Security
CRJS 4332 Crisis Intervention
DCM 2301 Developing a Christian Mind
ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics
EDUC 4303 Dev Stages of EC through Adolesc.
EDUC 4316 Studies in Classroom Mana, Instr.
ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric I
ENGL 1302 Composition & Rhetoric II
ENGL 2301 World Literature I
ENGL 2302 World Literature II
ENGL 3305 Advanced Written Communication
ENGL 3307 Creative Christian Writing
ENGL 4301 Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 4309 Studies in Fiction
ENGL 4354 Literature of East Asia
ESLS 4304 Methods in Teaching ESL
FINA 3301 Corporate Financial Management
FINA 3302 Securities Analysis
FINA 3305 Intro to Risk Management and Ins
FINA 3307 Personal Financial Planning
FINA 4308 International Finance
FINA 4356 Business & Finance in East Asia
FINE 1306 Introduction to Fine Arts
GEOL 1301 Physical Geology
GEOL 1401 Meteorology and Space Science
GREK 1401 Elementary Greek I
GREK 1402 Elementary Greek II
GREK 2301 Intermediate Greek I
HCMG 3301 Heath Care Ethics
HCMG 3310 Hum Res Mana for Health Care Org
HCMG 3320 Finance for Health Care Managers
HCMG 3330 Legal Issues in Health Care Mana
HCMG 3340 Org Behavior in Health Care Mana
HCMG 4301 Adv Mana Seminar in Heath Care
HIST 1301 US History to 1865
HIST 1302 US History Since 1865
HIST 2301 World Civilization I
HIST 2302 World Civilization II
HIST 4304 American Church History
HIST 4307 Twentieth Century America
HIST 4308 American Diplomatic History
HIST 4309 Texas History
HIST 4319 Renaiss & Reformation Eras
HIST 4351 History & Culture of East Asia
HIST 4352 History of E. Asian Philos & Reli
INCS 4330 Introduction to Missiology
INCS 4331 Cross-Cultural Living & Ministry
INCS 4341 Perspectives World Christian Movem
INCS 4342 Ethnography, Cultures & Worldviews
INCS 4343 Understanding Islam
KNES 1101 Fitness for Living
KNES 1117 Weight Training
KNES 2309 Adapted Kinesiology
KNES 3303 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
KNES 3310 Recreation Leadership
KNES 4301 Exercise Physiology
KNES 4302 Org & Admin of Kines & Athletic Pr
KNES 4303 Biomechanics
KNES 4336 Internship in Kinesiology I
MANA 3301 Principles of Management
MANA 3302 Principles of HR Management
MANA 3303 Principles of Org Behavior
MANA 3305 Managerial Statistics
MANA 3306 Management Communication
MANA 3308 Business and Public Law
MANA 4301 Operations and Quality Management
MANA 4307 Cross Cultural Management
MANA 4319 Comm Styles: Key to Bus Success
MANA 4320 Strategy & Problems in Management
MANA 4322 Servant Leadership
MANA 4340 International Management
MANA 4342 Business Ethics
MATH 1301 Math for Liberal Arts
MATH 1303 College Algebra
MATH 1307 Finite Math for Bus Analysis
MATH 1308 Calculus for Business Analysis
MATH 2301 Elementary Probably & Statistics
MISM 1302 Ethical & Human Side of Info Tech
MISM 2311 Intro to Business Software Develop
MISM 3301 Information Systems for Mana
MISM 3306 Bus Telecomm & Networking
MISM 3310 Info Systems Analysis & Design
MISM 3320 Web Page & Database Design
MISM 4300 IT Security & Forensics
MISM 4330 Strategic IT Planning & Proj Mana
MISM 4340 Current IT Trends & Emerg Tech
MRKT 3301 Principles of Marketing
MRKT 3302 Marketing Research & Analysis
MRKT 3303 Promotional Strategy
MRKT 4301 Retail Mana & Merchandising
MRKT 4302 Prof Selling & Sales Mana
MRKT 4330 Strategies & Problems in Mrktg
MRKT 4343 Global Marketing
MRKT 4345 Consumer Behavior
MUSB 3380 Copyright & Intellectual Prop Law
MUSB 4301 Music Publishing
MUSI 4353 Fine Arts in East Asia
MUSI 4380 The Arts & the Creative Process
PHIL 2301 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2303 Introduction to Worldviews
PHIL 3303 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 4352 History of East Asian Phil & Reli
PHSC 1401 Physical Science I
POLS 2301 American National Government
POLS 2303 Statistics for Social Sciences
POLS 2304 Fundamentals of Criminal Law
POLS 3305 Constitutional Law
POLS 4309 American Foreign Policy
PRST 3301 Lifelong Learning
PSYC 1301 General Psychology
PSYC 2301 Statistics for the Social Sciences
PSYC 2304 Marriage and Family
PSYC 3302 Juvenile Delinquency
PSYC 3303 Psychology Internship
PSYC 3306 Study of Aging
PSYC 4301 Multicultural Perspectives
PSYC 4305 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
PSYC 4311 Integration of Psyc & Christianity
PSYC 4312 Human Growth and Development
PSYC 4314 Counseling Theories & Techniques
PSYC 4315 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 4319 Research Methods
PSYC 4332 Crisis Intervention
READ 4334 Studies in Diag & Clinical Correction
RELI 1301 Old Testament Survey
RELI 1302 New Testament Survey
RELI 1310 Introduction to Christian Ministry
RELI 2304 Christian Doctrine
RELI 3305 Principles of Biblical Interpretation
RELI 3311 The Pentateuch
RELI 3336 The Wisdom Literature
RELI 3362 The Minor Prophets
RELI 3382 Practicum in Religion
RELI 3383 History of Christianity
RELI 4307 The Gospels
RELI 4321 The Early Life and Letters of Paul
RELI 4322 The Later Life and Letters of Paul
RELI 4336 The General Epistles
RELI 4345 Christianity in a Pluralistic World
RELI 4350 Systematic Theology
RELI 4371 American Church History
RELI 4373 The Renaiss & Reformation Eras
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1302 Social Problems
SOCI 2303 Statistics for the Social Sciences
SOCI 2304 Marriage and Family
SOCI 3302 Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI 3305 Internship in Sociology
SOCI 3306 Study of Aging
SOCI 3309 Social Work
SOCI 4301 Multicultural Perspectives
SOCI 4302 Sociological Theory
SOCI 4303 Social Psychology
SOCI 4307 Criminology
SOCI 4312 Research Methods
SOCI 4313 Human Growth & Development
SOCI 4332 Crisis Intervention
SPAN 1401 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1402 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2301 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2302 Intermediate Spanish II
SPED 4310 Intro to the Exceptional Learner
SPED 4320 Teaching the Underachiever
SPED 4330 Pedagogy of Special Education


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Survey of Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Financial Statement Analysis
Introduction to Grad Comm Studies
Comm Leadership for Groups
Social Media and Comm
Organizational Communication
Strategic Comm for Organizations
Communication for Global Orgs
Intro to Professional Counseling
Counseling Theories & Techniques
Lifespan Human Development
Research Methods
Multicultural Perspectives
Career Counseling & Lifestyle Dev
Addictive & Compulsive Disorders
Marriage & Family Counseling
Theological Persp in Chr Counseling
Adv Coun Methods & Crisis Interv
Counseling Victims of Trauma
Christ. Approach to Hum Sexuality
Ethical Issues in Law Enforcement
Prin of Org & Admin for Justice Pr
Crime and Community
White Collar Crime in America
Research Methods in Crim Justice
Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
Crisis Intervention
Conflict Resolution Management
Advanced Family Mediation
Advanced Business Mediation
Biblical Servant Leadership
Christian Ed in the Local Church
Church & Business Administration
Disciple-Making Thru Evan & Miss
Equipping Disciples for Ministry
Ministry Practicum
Ministry with Adults
Ministry with Senior Adults
Biblical Found & Models for Sm Grp
Recreation Ministry in the Church
Communication Strategies for Min
Foundations of Distance Learning
Designing & Dev Distance Learn
Teach & Learn in the Online Class
Tech Tools for the Online Class
Distance Learn Design & Admin
Managerial Economics
Internatl Econ & Legal Environ
Instr Leadership Development
Educational Org & Administration
School Law
Supervision of Instruction
The Principalship
School Finance/Business Mana
School Personnel Admin
School Public Relations
Christian School Ed Admin
Org Behavior & Leadership
Intro to School Counseling
Developmental Psychology
The School & Multicultural Society
Pre-Practicum for School Coun
Curr & Admin for Sch Guid & Coun
Career Dev & Lifestyle Coun
Dev Stages of EC thru Adolesc.
Introduction to Exceptional Learners
Studies in Class Mana, Instr, Asses
Teaching the Underachiever
Pedagogy of Special Ed
Research in Education
Emerging Technologies
Improvement of Instruction
Curriculum Design & Evaluation
The School & Multicultural Society
Foundations of Chr School Ed
Christian School Curriculum
Assessment to Improve Learning
Studies in Fiction
Second Language Acquisition
Methods in Teaching ESL
Content Area Lang Prof Skills
Multicultural & Multilingual Learn
Foundations of Finance
Corporate Finance
Capital Markets & Institutions
International Finance
Futures & Options
Strategic Health Care Planning
Managed Health Care
Long-Term Care Administrator
Health Services Mana Capstone
College & University Admin
Legal Aspects & Finance in Higher
Research Methods in Higher Ed
History & Philosophy of Higher Ed
Ethics & Leadership Theory
Teaching, Learning, Student Dev
Introduction to Student Affairs Work
Principles of Co-Curricular Learning
Methods for the Higher Ed Admin
History of Religion in America
History of Texas
The Twentieth Century
Exercise Physiology
Org & Admin of Kines & Sport
Mechanical Analysis of Motor Skills
Measurement, Eval & Research Kn
Psychology of Sport & Performance
Introduction to Christian Counseling
Early Childhood Ministry
Ministry with Children
Ministry to Children with Sp Needs
Ministry in Church Weekday Ed Min
Children & the Christian Faith
Advanced Childhood Ministry
Ministry to Families
Foundations of Christian Ministry
Shepherding in the 21st Century
Christian Ministry Practicum
Family Ministry Practicum
Faith Formation in the Life Stages
Ministry to Families
Leadership Practicum
Introduction to Missiology
Cross-Cultural Living & Ministry
Local Church on Mission
Ethnography, Cultures & Worldviews
Understanding Islam
History & Culture of East Asia
Fine Arts in East Asia
Literature of East Asia
Business & Finance in East Asia
Vision-Casting and Leading Change
Christian Worldview of Leadership
Western Heritage & Christianity
Technology in Communication
Comm Styles: Key to Business Succ
Communication in the Digital Age
History & Culture of East Asia
Fine Arts in East Asia
Literature of East Asia
Selected Topics in Linguistics
Worldviews: Human Beliefs/Actions
Systematic Theology
Youth Ministry in the Church
History of Modern Art
Western Culture through the Arts
The Arts & the Creative Process
Management Theory
Business Legal Environment
Employment Law
Quantitative Analysis for Managers
Staffing Organizations
Leadership in Management
Global Initiatives in Management
Communication & Bus Behavior
Organizational Change & Dev
Operational Finance
Business Ethics
Human Resource Strategy
Future Trends in Technology
Leadership Development
Leadership Coaching & Counseling
Operations and Quality Management
Strategic Management Decisions
Employee Negotiations & Coll Barg
Compensation & Performance
Career Management & Life Trans
Mana Strategy & Implementation
Introduction to Leadership Studies
Worldviews: Human Beliefs/Actions
Career Development/Life Transitions
Ministry with Students
The Collegiate Campus Minister
Family-Based Student Ministry
Student Cultural Issues
Student Ministry in Global Context
Adolescent Development
Collegiate Ministry Strategies
Dev Student Ministry Lay Leaders
Management Information Systems
Systems Analysis & Design
Database Management Systems
Networks & Telecommunication
Marketing Concepts
Creative Problem Solving for Mark
Consumer & Buyer Behavior
International Marketing
Marketing Analysis
Advanced Marketing Strategies
Project Overview, Process, and Init
Project Planning
Project Execution & Closeout
Adv Project Mana Strat & Simulation
Studies Diagn & Clinical Correction
Specialized Reading Assess & Instr
Foundations of Reading
Curriculum & Instruction in Reading
Introduction to Exceptional Learners
Teaching the Underachiever
Pedagogy of Special Education
The Gospels
Applied Hermeneutics
The Later Life & Letters of Paul
Christianity in a Pluralistic World
Christian History & Heritage
Systematic Theology
Issues in Early Christianity
Issues in American Christianity
Issues in Contemporary Christianity
Biblical Backgrounds
New Test Readings: Pauline Epistles
New Test Readings: General Epistles
Leadership in Worship
History of Worship Song
Worship Philosophy & Practice
Spiritual Formation & Worship
Worship Through the Ages
21st Century Transform Worship
Worship Theology for Contemp Min




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