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Fall 2010

Rogers Theater, Pilgrim Chapel @ 12 Noon

September 10

"St. Augustine on Education

Dr. David Naugle
September 17

"Seperation of Catholics and State: Stemming the Anit-Catholic Tide in the 1960 Presidential Campaign"

Dr. Stephen Stookey

Setember 24

"The Well ordered Mind: Moral Imagination in Harry Potter"

Travis Prinzi
(Harry Potter Specialist)
October 1
"What is a Biblical Worldview"
Jaclyn Young
(DBU honors student)
October 15
"The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship"
Dr. George Marsden (University of Notre Dame) and Dr. C. Steven Evan (Baylor University)
October 22
"America and European Style Social Democracies"

Dr. David Sticklin (moderator)
Panel includes:
Dr. Gail Wallace, Prof. Jekabs Bikis, and Prof. Rob Sullivan

October 29

"Christianity, Contemporary Art and Film"

Dr. Larry Williams, The Newport Foundation

November 5

"'The Lilies of the Field' and the Christian Artistic Vision"

Makoto Fujimura

November 12

"Words Made Fleash: The Debate Over Nature and Grace in the Painting and Poetry of David Jones"
Dr. Philip Mitchell

November 19

"The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind"

Dr. Aaron Fletcher

December 3

"'So Much Cooler Online': The Pros and Cons of Facebook, MySpace, and Twtiter (etc.) as Social Networking Sites"
Dr. Philip Mitchell (moderator)
Panel Includes:
Prof. Greg Hollabaugh and Prof. Bevely Powell


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