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Fall 2009

Rogers Theater, Pilgrim Chapel @ 12 Noon

September 11

"Solomon the Scholar... But Something Greater Than Solomon is Here"

Dr. David Naugle
September 18

"A Literary and Theological Review
of Wm. Paul Young's The Shack"

Dr. Rose Collins, Dr. David Naugle, and Prof. Paul Kim

September 25

"Teaching the Language of Faith"

Dr. Steve Garber and
Dr. Gideon Strauss
October 2

"The Humbling Truth of the Humility of Christ: Why the Second Person of the Trinity Became a Galilean Hillbilly"

Prof. Paul Kim
October 16

"Heaven Making: Education and the Common Good"

Sara Triana
October 23
"Being Consumed: Money and Christian Desire
- Two Responses to the Work
of Theologian William T. Cavanaugh

Prof. Jekabs Bikis and
Dr. Philip Mitchell

October 30

"A Dreadful Thing
-- C.S. Lewis and the Experience of War."

Dr. Timothy Demy

November 6

"Wholly Jesus"

Mark Foreman

November 13

"Gospel Music: The Spiritual Roots of Rock 'n Roll"
Dr. Terry Fansler

November 20

"Twilight Worship: Girl Meets God in Stephenie Meyer's Vampire Phenomenon"

Leigh Hickman
December 4
"Is the Emergent/Emerging Church One of Substance or of Syle?"
Dr. Jim Lemmons Dr. Norman Blackaby, and
Eric Kuykendall


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