The Wars of Beleriand





Morgoth's army attacks the Sindar in two divisions:

1.     The eastern host is met by Thingol of Doriath and Denethor of Ossiriand. Denethor falls at Amon Ereb, but Thingol's forces drive out the Orcs. The Dwarves of Dolmed finish them off.

2.     The western host beseiges Círdan, leading the forces of Brithombar and Eglarest, and overruns West Beleriand . The Girdle of Melian is raised to protect the borders of Doriath.





Battle under the Stars


  1. The Noldor under Fëanor arrive at Drengist. Morgtoh's forces come through the Pass at Ered Wethrin, but they are driven back by the Noldor.
  2. The western host besieging Círdan comes north but is ambushed by Celegorm.
  3. Fëanor and Celegorm destroy these in the Fens of Serech.
  4. The Elves drive northward but are overmatched at Dor Daedeloth as Balrogs arrive from Thangorodrim.
  5. Fëanor goes on alone and is mortally wounded. Maedhros is taken by Morgoth's orcs and hung from the walls of Angband; Fingon, with the help of Thorodor of the Eagles, rescues Maedhros.
  6. The Sindar are overjoyed at first at arrival of Noldor.



Dagor Aglareb


Glorious Battle


  1. 60 years later, Morgoth sends forth a new army. The main force is against Dorthonion. Fingolfin from the west and Maedhros from the east join with Angrod and Aegnor in driving the force back to Angband.
  2. Smaller operations are carried out by Orcs throughout Beleriand; these too are defeated.
  3. The Noldor agree to a tight surveillance of Morgoth's realm after this.

The Siege of Angband

(400 years)

  1. Attack on Fingolfin driven back.
  2. Young Glaurung the dragon tests himself against archers of Fingon.



Dagor Bragollach


Battle of Sudden Flame

  1. In 455, Morgoth releases an overwhelming force, including a massive volcanic onslaught that destroys the Ard-galen and the siege of the Elves. The mature Glaurung is also released.
  2. Dorthonion is overrun, Angrod and Aegnor are slain, and Maedhros survives.
  3. The Pass of Aglon is taken, forcing Celegrom and Curufin to flee to Nargothrond.
  4. Orcs defile Thargelion and Lake Helevorn .
  5. Caranthir falls back to Amon Ereb.
  6. Finrod comes from Nargothrond and is rescued by Barahir.
  7. Fingolfin dies in his challenge to Morgoth to single combat, but he greatly wounds Morgoth.




intervening period

  • Two years later, Sauron drives the Elves from Minas Tirith and establishes the Isle of Werewolves on Tol Sirion.
  • The Three Houses of the Edain, Faithful Men, refuse Morgoth's overtures
  • The Swarthy Men first enter Bereliand and form (false) alliances with the Noldor
  • People of Haleth retrench against the Orcs
  • Hurin and Huor taken to Gondolin and later released.
  • The outlaws of Dorothion slaughtered; only Beren survives.



Nirnaeth Arnoediad


Battle of Unnumbered Tears


  1. In 473, The Union of Maedhros assembles against Morgoth, forces the Orcs out of Belerian, and plans to assault Thangorodim. The Union is divided into an eastern host (including men and dwarves) and western host (Fingon and Turgon).
  2. Morgoth, aware of the battle plan of the Union , sends Orcs to attack the western force early, drawing them to Thangorodrim to be trapped by an encircling force in waiting. Turgon's forces in the rear are forced back.
  3. Maedhros arrives five days late deceived by Uldor; his force is quickly splintered by the sons of Ulfang, including Uldor, who go over to Morgoth.
  4. The Dwarves hold the rearguard and some of the force retreats to Ossiriand.
  5. Húrin persuades Turgon to retreat to Gondolin to fight another day. Huor and Hurin form the rearguard.
  6. Only Húrin survives and is taken to Morgoth to be tortured.
  7. Morgoth's forces take much of Beleriand, except the hidden realms of Gondolin and Nargothrond and the protected kingdom of Doriath

The Siege of Nargothrond


(from the tale of Túrin)


1.     Túrin convinces Orodreth (king after death of Finrod) to go to war openly and build a great bridge from Nargothrond.

2.     Morgoth forces descend through the Pass of Sirion . Despite warnings from Ulmo, Túrin persuades Orodreth not to close the doors or take down the bridge.

3.     Glaurung the dragon and a host of Orcs overrun Nargothrond. Túrin arrives too late and is cast into a spell by Glaurung. The remaining female captives are tortured and slaughtered by the Orcs.

4.     After Glaurung is eventually slain by Túrin, Mîm the Dwarf tunnels into Nargothrond, but is later slain by Húrin.

The Ruin of Doriath


(C. Tolkien and Guy Kay's Suppositions)


--Admittedly, this is not technically one of the wars of Beleriand, but its outcome is tied up with the final unfolding of the War between the Valar and Morgoth.


1.     The dwarves slay Thingol over the Nauglamir, but they are slain and the necklace returned to Melian.

2.     The Girdle of Melian is taken away, and Melian goes to Valinor.

3.     The Dwarves of Nogrod raise a host and take Menegroth, the halls of Thingol.

4.     After the Dwarves slay Thingol and take Doriath, Beren and Dior lead a raid to recover the Silmaril and the necklace Nauglamír.

5.     Lúthien wears the necklace for a time, then Dior becomes ruler of Doriath and takes the Silmaril to himself.

6.     The Second Kinslaying: Celegorm, Curufin, and Caranthir attack Dior and his family. Curfin and Caranthir and Dior all die.

7.     Doriath falls, but Elwing, Dior's daughter, escapes with the Silmaril.

The Fall of Gondolin


C. Tolkien and Guy Kay's Suppositions)


1.     Turgon refuses the council of Ulmo to leave Gondolin.

2.     Idril prepares a secret way of escape from Gondollin.

3.     Maeglin reveals the location of Gondolin to Morgoth in exchange for Idril.

4.     In the sack of the city, Tuor rescues Idril from Maeglin, and they escape with others by the secret way.

5.     Idril and Tuor go south and join with Elwing's people at the mouth of the Sirion.

6.     Eärendil marries Elwing. The elves at Sirion refuse to give up the Silmaril. Maedhros and Maglor attack, leading to the Third Kinslaying. Elwing escapes to warn Eärendil.

The War of Wrath


The Great Battle

  1. Eärendil finds the way to Valinor and beseeches the Valar to come and assault Morgoth.
  2. The Valar accompanied by the Valar and Noldor reach Beleriand and are joined by loyal men.
  3. The dragons of Morgoth, lead by Ancalagon the Black, force back the Valar.
  4. Eärendil arrives with the great Eagles. Eärendil slays Anacalgon.
  5. The Valar destroy Angband and break Morgoth's power decisively.

"All manner of thing shall be well/ When the tongues of flame are in-folded/ Into the crowned knot of fire/ And the fire and the rose are one." -- T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding