Early Modern Resources

Introduction Definitions & Characteristics of Modernity

Early Modern Painters

Aspects of Various Periods in the Western Tradition

Four Models of Personhood

Three Rival Methods of Pursuing Truth

Kant's "What is Enlightenment" & Early Modern Rationality


Herbert The Temple An Introduction

Herbert Struggle with the Noetic Failings of Poetry and Wit


Individual Personality and the Drama of Personal Faith


The Letters of Descartes Study Questions

Seventeenth Century Philosophy and the Idea of God

Moliere Moliere & The Nature of Humor

Moliere's Defense of Comedy

Early Modern Family Life

Characteristics of Tragedy and Comedy

Victim and Victor

Early Modern Science Important Events in Early Modern Science & Early Scientific Method

The Scientific Method: An Overview

Interesting Critique and Reevaluation of the Scientific Method (website)

Internet History of Science Sourcebook (weblink)

The Echo Research Center has a number of metalink pages involving the history of science.


Introduction to Giambattista Vico Part 1

New Science Frontpiece

Introduction to Vico Part II Metahistory and Natural law

Early Modern Religion Early Modern Views I (17th-18th Century)

Theological Controversies, Development, and the Response of John Henry Newman (Early Modern Views of God II)

Early Modern Politics Early Modern Political Theory I

Internet Modern History Sourcebook (weblink)

Early Modern Aesthetics Shifts in Early Modern Aesthetics
Voltaire & Pope Voltaire's Complete Works (searchable French texts)

The Nature of Satire


Voltaire's Poem on the Lisbon Disaster (optional)

Outline for Essay on Man Selections

Theodicy and Pope's Essay on Man

Leibniz's Theodicy

Edwards An Overview of Edwards' Thought

Early Edwards

Some Basic Views of Edwards

Edwards and the Puritan Sermon

"Heaven, A World of Love" (a sermon)

Select Sermons of Edwards (website)

Edwards Resource Page (website)

Early Modern Economics Early Modern Economic Theory

Jean-Baptiste Colbert, "Memorandum on Trade" (weblink-optional)

Ricardo, "Iron Law of Wages" (weblink)

Theological Reflections on Capitalism and Justice

Gender & Race The Bible & Slavery
Nineteenth-Century Sources
Newman John Henry Newman Resources (website)

An Overview of the Thought of John Henry Newman

Online Texts of Newman's Works (website)

Apologia Chapters I & II

Apologia Chapters III & IV.1

Apologia Chapters IV.2 & V

The Structure of the Apologia

Theological Controversies, Development, and the Response of John Henry Newman (Early Modern Views of God II)

The Thirty-Nine Articles (Victorian Web)

Brief History of Oxford Movement (website)

Darwin Online Texts of Darwin (website)

Charles Darwin Overview (website)

Nietzsche Nietzsche's Great Reversal

Nietzsche's Attack on Christian Theism

Nietzsche and the Problem of Evil Redefined


"All manner of thing shall be well/ When the tongues of flame are in-folded/ Into the crowned knot of fire/ And the fire and the rose are one." -- T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding