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To best serve Library patrons and to conserve Library resources, the
acquisitions department uses the following guidelines in purchasing

  • The Library purchases resources through a jobber or the best available source who will give discounts that publishers may not give.
  • Whenever possible, hardback books are purchased, because
    paperback books are generally good for limited circulation before requiring repair or discard.
  • If a paperback book is the only copy available, the Library prefers
    to purchase it through a jobber who can prebind it with a hardcover
    to prolong the usage period. (Sending a paperback book to a bindery
    adds additional time to the ordering process)
  • If an item is unavailable through a jobber, it is purchased directly
    from another source, such as the publisher or an out-of-print vendor. Determining that the item is not available through the jobber and that
    it must be ordered through a secondary source adds additional time
    to the ordering process.


To ensure that items ordered for a specific fiscal year are paid for in the same fiscal year, the Library has determined a schedule for receiving orders from the Library representative. The annual schedule follows this plan:

  • October 15: 75% of the allotted budget must be encumbered
  • December 1: another 15% must be encumbered
  • January 15: last 10% must be encumbered

If the representative has not submitted the required percentage by the above annual due dates, the Library will place orders equal to the unencumbered amount for that due date.

We are here to help you!

For more information, questions, or comments regarding purchasing policies, please contact:





Director of Library Services
Scott Jeffries

Email Scott

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