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The mission of DBU's history program is to foster in students the understanding of events and eras in history from the perspective of a Christian worldview, and for students to realize their responsibilities as citizens. Courses in history emphasize critical thinking through the examination of significant historical literature and practical techniques of research, writing, and criticism.

Goals of the History Major

  • Students will possess a strong contextual structure through which they can understand the flow of American and world history, including a knowledge of significant dates.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultures, societies, and major reform movements in American and world history.
  • Students will exhibit an understanding of the political institutions and military conflicts in American and world history.
  • Students will be familiar with significant individuals in American and World History.
  • Students will be proficient with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful in undergraduate historical research, as well as preparation for future graduate studies.
  • Students will understand a Christian world view perspective in the study of history.




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