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Master's Degrees

& Programs:

arrow Master of Business Administration
arrow M.A. in Management
arrow M.Ed. in Bilingual Education
arrow M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
arrow M.Ed. in Educational Leadership
arrow M.Ed. in Kinesiology
arrow M.Ed. in Reading and English as a Second Language
arrow M.Ed. in School Counseling
arrow M.Ed. in Special Education
arrow M.A. in Sport Management
arrow M.A. in Teaching
arrow M.A. in Communication
arrow M.A. in Professional Counseling
arrow Master of Liberal Arts
arrow Master of Arts in Professional Development
arrow M.S. in Kinesiology
arrow M.S. in Management

Master's Degrees and Programs available through the Graduate School of Ministry:

arrow M.A. Children's Ministry
arrow M.A. Christian Counseling
arrow M.A. in Christian Ministry
arrow M.A. in Discipleship
arrow M.A. in Family Ministry
arrow M.A. in Global Leadership
arrow M.A. in Student Ministry
arrow M.A. in Theological Studies
arrow M.A. in Worship Studies

Master's Degrees and Programs available through the Gary Cook School of Leadership:

arrow M.A. in International Studies
arrow M.A. in Leadership
arrow M.Ed. in Higher Education



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