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Programs of Student Financial Aid

Financial aid is divided into two categories—gift aid and self-help aid. Gift aid includes grants and scholarships.

Grants will only need to be repaid by the student if he/she drops below the required enrollment level or withdraws from the university during the period in which the aid is received. Under Federal Title IV program regulations a student may be required to return a portion or all of the aid received.  See the section on “Return of Federal Title IV Funds Policy” for more details.

College Work-Study programs and loans are considered to be self-help aid. Students should remember that loans must be repaid. The following will give additional information about some of the different types of aid available at DBU.

Information regarding specific yearly amounts for each type of federal aid listed is available in the “Student Guide,” which is published each year by the U.S. Department of Education and may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.


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M.A. in Christian Education and M.B.A.
M.A. in Christian Education: Student Ministry and M.A. in Global Leadership  *New!
M.A. in Christian Education: Student Ministry and M.A. in Management *New!
M.A. in Global Leadership and M.B.A. *New!
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