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Dr. Sandra S. Reid (sandra@dbu.edu)

Dr. Reid serves students, alumni, and faculty from around the world. At Dallas Baptist University, currently there are approximately 100 international MBA students from countries such as Taiwan, India, Nepal, and China to name just a few. Relationships are formed and nurtured with all 600+ students within the Graduate School of Business; relationships that continue for many years beyond graduation regardless the physical distance. It is the mission at DBU to educate the total person albeit the intellectual, physical, or spiritual self. In the capacity as MBA Director, students are guided to their choice of the profession that best fits their talents and gifts so that they will go out to change the world through their respective callings best equipped with the skills and credentials necessary to make that desired difference.

Involved with various aspects of business for over 30 years, Dr. Reid has held significant leadership positions in private industry operating 40 major airline operations within the United States and the financially successful expansion of operations into the highly competitive Latin America market. In addition, significant change efforts were lead to completion such as automation of all the back office processes at 300 domestic airports and the implementation of automatic check-in procedures at airport gate operations. Contingency plan strategies were successfully initiated and implemented associated with labor disagreements between the company and the respective bargaining units under Dr. Reid's guidance.

A common theme throughout Dr. Reid's career is service to others with leadership, professionalism, and education. Training and the development of life-long learners has been a major emphasis, both professionally and academically, leading to joining Dallas Baptist University in June 1999. Initially beginning as an Associate Professor in Technology, Dr. Reid is a Full Professor academically and professionally qualified to teach at the graduate level in the fields of technology, management, higher education, and now marketing. Administrative responsibilities began with assuming the role of Associate Dean in the College of Business in 2000 until moving to the Chair position in early 2005. She also serves on the Ph.D. committee as a liaison in support of the business PhD students in the School of Leadership.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Reid earned a B.B.A. degree in Accounting from Texas Christian University, an M.B.A. in Technology from the University of Dallas, and then a Ph.D. with a dual major in College Teaching and Management from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. While current responsibilities keep her extremely busy, Dr. Reid will be found in the classroom most Fall and Spring Breaks.

In her spare time, Dr. Reid enjoys playing games with her family, baking, and creating a legacy of needle point art works. In addition, she serves in leadership roles in various professional organizations. She has two children, Kelly and Clayton, and two granddaughters, Madison and Hannah.


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