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A minor in Music Business combines a comprehensive examination of the commercial Music Industry and the basic elements of business to provide the student with integrated study in the continually expanding and complex field of Music Business.

    The Music Business minor explores:
  • the business practices, procedures, technologies and career opportunities within the commercial Music Industry
  • the history of both Western music and Commercial (popular) music
  • the development and inner workings of the recording industry
  • the fundamental concepts and principles of economics, accounting and marketing
  • the management of a successful freelance career in the music business

The Music Business minor is designed to complement and enhance a variety of academic majors and offers the student a field of study that is marketable, diverse, exciting and fun!

MUSI 1300 Fundamentals of Music **
----or ----  
MUSI 1311 Music Theory I **
MUSB 2301 Introduction to the Music Business
MUSB 3310 Inside the Recording Industry
MANA 3301 Principles of Management (S-L)
MRKT 3301 Principles of Marketing

** Specific course to be determined by the Music Theory Placement Exam.

Note: In addition, General Studies course recommendations for a minor in Music Business should include:

Social Science: ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics required.

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