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The Kinesiology Department is concerned with the total development of each individual student taking part in the kinesiology program. Of special concern is the development of an appreciation and respect for the human body as the earthly temple of God. Thus, becoming good stewards of this earthly temple is a major goal of the Department of Kinesiology. The goals of the physical activity requirement are twofold:

  1. The student will participate in organized exercise to offset the amount of time that is necessarily sedentary due to sitting in the classroom or studying. Thus, the student will attain or maintain a minimum amount of fitness, and the student will have an outlet for stress.
  2. The student will be exposed to physical activities that he/she will want to continue throughout life--as a social and emotional outlet and as a vehicle to fitness and total wellness.

Each student is required to register for two 1-credit-hour activity courses to complete the kinesiology requirement. These required courses should be taken during the first year and sophomore years. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to elect additional activity courses in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy physical activity with their fellow students.

The following are exceptions to the two 1-credit-hour requirement, but do not reduce the total number of credit hours required for a degree:

  1. A student 25 years of age or older prior to enrollment at DBU will be exempt from required kinesiology courses.
  2. A student who presents adequate documentation of two years on active duty in any branch of U.S. military service will be exempt.
  3. Students with temporary or permanent physical limitations should seek advisement from the Kinesiology Department on course selection during their first semester on campus or soon after the physical limitation occurs.
  4. Members of the ROTC are exempt from kinesiology provided they have successfully completed MILS 0180 and 1142, pass the annual physical fitness test, and participate in the weekly physical fitness program.

Kinesiology Activities Program
Kinesiology activity courses (KNES 1101 through 1122) are designed to emphasize the development of physical fitness and proficiency in team and lifetime sports. Students are encouraged to take activity classes that are unfamiliar to them in order to have a variety of activities from which to choose in their pursuit of a wellness lifestyle.


The purpose of the Kinesiology Department is to develop the minds and bodies of men and women in preparing them to become servant leaders in teaching, coaching, and other health- and sports-related fields. The Department of Kinesiology offers a program leading to a major in kinesiology or a kinesiology major with either an exercise science or sport performance concentration. A major in sport management is also offered. A specialization in exercise science is recommended for those students who wish to pursue careers in corporate fitness, health club work, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, and related areas. A major in sport management is recommended for those students who wish to pursue positions in a myriad of sports-related careers.

Teacher certification in EC-12 Physical Education is available to the kinesiology major. Certain general studies requirements differ for students seeking teacher certification. Therefore, those interested in teacher certification should consult the College of Education.

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