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Students planning to be certified to teach Grades 4 through Grade 8 will secure an interdisciplinary academic major and meet the appropriate general studies requirements. The interdisciplinary academic major for Grades 4-8 is available for math, science, or English Language Arts and Reading certificates. To be eligible for Texas certification, students complete course requirements that follow the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) standards for Grades 4-8. Students follow a course of study which includes the following components: (1) General Studies, (2) Professional Responsibility, (3) Interdisciplinary Academic Major, and (4) sufficient electives to complete the 120-credit-hour minimum for the bachelor's degree, which includes 42 upper-level semester hours.

Students must be admitted into the Educator Preparation Program according to the policies set by the College of Education.

Retention in the Educator Preparation Program:

Students must maintain and graduate with an overall institutional GPA of 3.0 and must maintain and graduate with an institutional GPA of 3.0 in their teaching fields/academic concentrations.

Grades 4-8 Certification: English Language Arts
Grades 4-8 Certification: Mathematics
Grades 4-8 Certification: Science



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Certification Programs:
Core Subjects Early Childhood through Grade 6 Certification
Grades 4 through 8 Certifications
Grades 4-8 English Language Arts
Grades 4-8 Mathematics
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Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs:

B.A. Core Subjects Early Childhood - 6/M.Ed. in Reading and English as a Second Language
B.A. 4-8 English Language Arts Certification/M.Ed. in Reading and English as a Second Language
B.A./B.S. Core Subjects Early Childhood – Grade 6 Certification/M.A. Teaching
B.A./B.S. Core Subjects Early Childhood – Grade 6 Certification/M.Ed. Special Education
BA/BS in Kinesiology/MEd Kinesiology

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