Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program:
B.A. in Biblical Studies (Applied Ministry)/M.A. in Children's Ministry

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Undergraduate Requirements

Developing a Christian Mind
  DCM 2301  
  ENGL 1301, 1302, 2301 and 2302
Fine Arts
  FINE 1306
Foreign Language
  *Six hours at the 2000 level if adequate prerequisites are met
Foundations for Excellence
  FOUN 1101 is required of all first-year and transfer students with fewer than 15 credit hours (AP, CLEP, IB, or dual/concurrent credit earned while in high school does not count towards these 15 credit hours).
  HIST 1301, 1302, 2301, or 2302
  KNES 1101 and one additional activity course (KNES 1102-1122); for veterans or those 25 years of age or older prior to enrollment at DBU, KNES courses are waived.

MATH 1301 or 1303 or 1307 or 1405

(Math Advising Tool (eMAT) required prior to registering for any Math class or any class for which the eMAT is a prerequisite.)

Natural Science (1000 or 2000 level courses only)
  One laboratory science selected from Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Physical Science, or Physics
  RELI 1301, 1302, and three additional credit hours depending on credit hours transferred at time of initial enrollment
Social Science (1000 or 2000 level courses only)
  POLS 2301   and an additional 3 credit hours may be selected from Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.
Total General Studies Hours
B.A. in Biblical Studies (Applied Ministry)  
Applied Ministry Courses

Required Courses (18 hours):

PHIL 2301 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 3303 Philosophy of Religion
RELI 2304 Christian Doctrine
RELI 3382 Practicum in Religion (S-L)
RELI 4345 Christianity in a Pluralistic World
RELI 4371 American Church History

Electives 32-48
  • In order to satisfy the "Undergraduate only" portion of an accelerated degree plan, sufficient lower-level and upper-level elective hours must be taken to complete the minimum number of Undergraduate credit hours required for each specific accelerated degree.
  • For this accelerated degree, a minimum of 114 Undergraduate credit hours is required.
  • As part of this accelerated degree plan, 6 shared Graduate hours will be counted toward a minimum of 42 upper-level Undergraduate credit hours required for all bachelor's degrees. This equates to a total of 36 Undergraduate upper-level credit hours required.
  Total Undergraduate Hours

Shared Undergraduate/Graduate Courses (6 hours)

MAWL 6303 Spiritual Formation and Worship
THEO 5313 Applied Hermeneutics

Total Undergraduate with Shared Hours Required

  Remaining Graduate Requirements
M.A in Children's Ministry Requirements

Core Courses (12 hours)

MACE 5302 Biblical Servant Leadership
THEO 6305 Christian History and Heritage
THEO 6306 Systematic Theology
GSOM 6310 Ministry Mentorship (S-L)

M.A in Children's Courses (18 hours)
MACH 6311 Early Childhood Ministry
MACH 6312 Ministry With Children
MACH 6351 Children and the Christian Faith
MACH 6352 Advanced Childhood Ministry*(S-L)
MAFM 6353 Ministry to Families
Select one of the following:
MACH 6315 Ministry to Children with Special Needs
MACH 6350 Ministry in Church Weekday Education Ministries


Total Additional Graduate Hours Required


Total Credit Hours Required for Accelerated Degree


Note: Church Membership Requirement (for Admission into the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership-all concentrations, Ph.D. in Leadership Studies' Ministry Concentration, Master's Ministry Degrees, and Advanced Ministry Certificate Programs): Within the last 12 months, the applicant must have been an active member of a Christian church that holds Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who holds solely the Old Testament and the New Testament as sacred Scripture.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.


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