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Dr. Dale B. Sims, Ph.D., Fulbright Scholar, Dean

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Mission Statement

The College of Business at Dallas Baptist University is committed to equipping traditional age and adult students with an exceptional educational experience to prepare them for the global business environment. Central to this educational experience is the integration of the Christian faith and values with the professional studies of business. As a result of their academic preparation in the College of Business, students should be able to make significant contributions in their service to others through their chosen careers. The B.B.A. program of the College of Business is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.


Dallas Baptist University, through its College of Business, is nationally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs to offer the following business degrees:

A student who graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from the College of Business will have demonstrated competence in the foundational areas of business, as well as the technical skills and knowledge in a chosen major area. This level of competence in the business disciplines will enable the student to assume entry-level roles and assignments in their chosen career.


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Majors in the
College of Business:

Hotel and Hospitality Management
Management Information Systems
Music Business


Goals of the College

The four goals of the College of Business are listed below:

  • All College of Business graduates will be able to demonstrate not only an acceptable level of mastery in their major area, but also the social and intellectual competencies required for effective performance in their chosen professions.
  • All College of Business graduates will believe that they received a business education at Dallas Baptist University which made them competitive with peers with similar degrees from other comparable colleges and universities.
  • The College of Business faculty will demonstrate excellence in teaching and meaningful participation in professional, scholarly, and service activities.
  • The College of Business faculty and staff will effectively satisfy the program and service needs of our business students and key constituencies.

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